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FOSFOMAX Antimicrobial agents of systemic action
NICAMAX® Coccidiostats
KELAIN Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
MEXILINE Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
MARBOLEK® Antimicrobial agents of systemic action
LORIMAST® Antimastitis drugs
We have been producing drugs for the veterinary market for 29 years!

The slogan of Biopharm is  "Quality and Traditions” — and it's not just words.

Since 1995, Biopharm has been successfully operating in the market of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

For 29 years we have not changed our traditions — we develop, manufacture and distribute quality, effective and safe products for veterinary medicine. Thus far, we have proven, and our customers have appreciated the fact that domestic products for veterinary medicine can be and are modern, of impeccably high quality, effective and affordable.

50 % of the drugs sold by our company are original and patented, and 50 % are generics.

The company provides contract manufacturing services of veterinary medicines.

Our main differences from other companies that sell veterinary medicines:


We distribute veterinary immunobiological drugs, the world's most famous brands, and their scientific support.

We do not just sell — we invent, manufacture and support veterinary drugs and feed additives, many of which have no analogues in the world.

All our efforts are aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.

Among the main advantages of Biopharm is qualified professionals who ensure innovation and high quality of products

Our staff has more than 100 qualified employees.

Every professional is in their place: analytical chemists are constantly improving our products, research engineers are inventing effective compounds for the effectiveness of our drugs, and quality controllers uncompromisingly check the quality and safety of our products. All our sales managers have veterinary or pharmaceutical education, which guarantees comprehensive support and professional advice on any issues.

Our team includes professionals with a scientific degree; a constant cooperation with leading research institutions in Ukraine and other countries is established. We regularly publish articles and interviews in popular specialized periodicals.

The company's professionals ensure not only quality but also environmental safety of products.

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Our product case has more than 100 items.

Among the products of Biopharm there are:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • intrauterine drugs;
  • antianemic drugs;
  • antimastitis drugs;
  • parasiticides;
  • drugs for external use;
  • coccidiostats;
  • antimicrobials acting in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • antimicrobial agents of systemic action;
  • vitamin drugs;
  • acidifiers.
For the manufacture of our drugs we use only high-quality raw materials.

 The quality and safety of our pharmaceuticals are confirmed by the received certificates.

For the manufacture of our drugs we use only high-quality raw materials

Over the years, we and our partners have made sure that our products are efficient, modern, and uncompromisingly high quality.

The company fully complies with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

We honestly perform product quality control. We are also constantly improving through the training of our staff. Maintaining and improving the sanitation of our premises and equipment is our daily responsibility. Each step of manufacture is fixed and clearly noted down in our documentation. We are constantly conducting internal inspections, analyzing the results and continuously improving.

We constantly export goods.

Our products are exported to North America, Europe and Asia. Our company is in the process of registering our drugs in the Middle East.

We have an impeccable reputation

Our impeccable reputation is confirmed by our partners.

We take care of everyone.

The company has a perfect service. When ordering products from our company, you can be sure that all storage conditions, temperature, method and delivery time are clearly observed and monitored by our employees.

Our customers are our friends

Our customers are our friends, because our relationship with many of you has a history of over 29 years!


Biopharm is the official representative of the world-famous vaccine company Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany). And also is the exclusive representative of the company for production of high-quality veterinary drugs JOVET (Jordan)

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